Vintage Poster Showroom July 23, 24 Pop-Up Weekend

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Dear Client and Friends,

Need a break from the sun?

Come on in to our Berkeley Showroom for a peek at what is new in Vintage Posters this upcoming weekend July 23-24! We have Herman Miller posters, 36 newly acquired David Lance Goines Posters from 1974-1987, Also 73 newly acquired Maitre De L’Affiche posters from 1896-1900.

A photograph of Herman Miller Office Systems Poster

Original “Herman Miller Office Systems” Poster by Philip Mitchell

A photograph of Starlight Savon Poster, Maitres de l'Affiche Plate #196

Original “Starlight Savon” Poster, Maitres de l’Affiche Plate #196. By Henri Meunier, 1899

A photograph of Chez Panisse EAT Poster

Original “Chez Panisse EAT” Poster by David Lance-Goines, 1980

Elizabeth has been buying every poster she can get her hands on, and believe me that is a lot of posters!

In fact, our summer interns Karlie and Candie from UC Berkeley’s Histor and Comp Lit programs break a sweat every Tuesday trying to keep up with cataloguing of all the goodies that E brings us every week.

A photograph of Berkeley Public Library Poster

Original “Berkeley Public Library” Poster by David Lance-Goines, 1974

Sales are really healthy.

We have sold through a lot of the Stan Galli collection we were so excited about last year (much to our dismay ALL of the Los Angeles and Hawaii posters are now gone)and have also been selling a fair number of good art deco posters and some Cherets as well.

A photograph of "United Airlines Southern California" Poster

Original “United Airlines Southern California” Poster by Stan Galli, c. 1955

A photograph of United Airlines San Francisco Cable Car Poster

Original “United Airlines San Francisco Cable Car” Poster by Stan Galli, c.1955

Don’t miss all the goodies!

Measure your walls and come to Berkeley this weekend to delve into the history of graphic design! If you measure your walls, you just might leave with something beautiful as well.

Posterfully yours,

Charly Leys

Showroom Manager

Vintage European Posters July Pop-Up Weekend
July 23-24
Saturday 11-6, Sunday 11-5
2201 Fourth Street (corner of Allston Way)
Berkeley, CA 94710
510 843 2201
PS- Our neighborhood is a foodie paradise. Plan your meal to
go with vintage posters!
Come for breakfast! Bette’s Ocean View Diner
Break for lunch O Chame and Zut
Stay for Oysters Café Rouge and Spengers

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