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January 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Posters on PaperWelcome to the World of Vintage Posters! In the coming months, we’ll  do our best to share with you some of the things we find interesting.

Right now, we are located in a little cave of an office in a nondescript building in Oakland.  Here, we take pictures, update our website, and plan and pack for our shows.  This will change in 2010, as we move to a new space where we can continue to catalogue and photograph our ever changing collection of original vintage posters, but will also be available to meet with poster collectors, students of graphic design and anyone curious about ephemera.

What does a self-described team of poster geeks do all day? This week, we have spent a lot of time packing up posters for linen backing.  When we find posters, they are on paper.  The paper that was used for poster printing is super thin, and builds up acid over time, becoming brittle with age.  So, us on a Monday includes a lot of running around looking for the weights we use to flatten out old paper while we catalogue it and make condition notes.  This past week we have handled 34 new pieces, some in mint condition, some with tape on them, and some with small tears.

We have to be SO careful with the posters when we first find them! They tear easily, and of course their condition makes a difference in their value, so inadvertently tearing poster is like having money fall out of your pocket! We roll them together gently and cushion them with tons of bubble wrap, and then it’s off to fedex so they can be shipped to the conservator.  Today, we read the conservation estimates, approve them, and then start packing for our next show.

In the next entry, we will talk about what happens when the posters are conserved.


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