The Golden Age of Flight

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment


Southern California by Stan Galli, circa 1960

The recent merger of United and Continental has got me thinking.  After World War II, in the boom time of the 1950’s, flying was something to look forward to.  Many people took their first flight, and the posters of the period reflect the excitement about this transformative technology and  the care free nature of the post war period.

Like the rail posters of the early part of the century, most of the 1950’s and 1960’s travel posters focus on a destination rather than a mode of transport, they are “destination posters’ rather than ‘plane posters’.  Consequently, posters featuring the actual plane are more valuable than those without.

New York by Galli, circa 1960

We recently acquired an exciting collection of United Airlines Posters by Stan Galli. These posters are in mint condition, they were stored flat in portfolios, and have never been exposed to sunlight.

 Visit our website  and click on ‘view the collection’ then ‘travel’ to see the rest of these evocative images.  Bon Voyage!

United Airlines and Disneyland, Partners


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