Santa Monica Travelogue

May 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

San Francisco Cable Car by Galli c. 1955

Heading out of town for a show is a lot of work! Charly and I make checklists of what we need, so that when we hit the ground in a new city there is no scrambling for supplies.

Years ago, I remember driving around the sprawl of Sacramento searching for ACCO brand binder clips.  I have wandered the aisles of the Foster City Home Depot looking for sawhorses, found parking in Cow Hollow to buy receipt books at Walgreens, and found cheap pens at the dollar store in Anaheim.  No more! After 13 years doing shows, we have the packing down to a science.

On our last trip to LA, for we did something new.  For the first time ever, we left our Ford Econoline (lovingly referred to as “The Beast”) at home.  The show promoters provided free tables, we edited the collection down to just modern posters – (so hard to leave all the art nouveau behind!) and we packed my Volvo Wagon for the trip.  It was such a treat to be in LA with a car! Although I have to admit it is a giggle to pull up to valet parking with an enormous white cargo van.

We stayed in Santa Monica, a city we adore and now know well.  The show was in a new venue, the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Air Center . What an amazing place! Old prop planes fly in and out of the SM Air Center, and you can also visit The Museum of Flying or one of the restaurants on the property. We wanted to go to Typhoon but only had time for the Spitfire Grill

When we got to our booth, we discovered that the walls were different than we had become accustomed to at the old venue.  Luckily, our neighbors from Mantiques Modern loaned us their drill- a Makita with a light in the handle, and it made hanging our booth a snap.  (I want this drill!) The new venue is a big improvement over the Santa Monica Civic. It has high ceilings, and lots of room- the exact opposite of the cramped and poorly ventilated Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

After set up, we always go and get a salad from Mrs. Winston’s which is the unquestionably the best salad bar in the world.  This healthy power lunch makes it possible for us to do a three day show smiling.  At the checkout, they ask you to guess the weight/price of your salad and if you do, it’s free.  This time I guessed $9.78 and the salad was $9.87.  So close!

Charly wanted to see Venice Beach so we checked that out.  Having gone to school in Santa Cruz, I think it felt familiar to her.  We walked down Abbott Kinney, and decided it was the 4th Street of  LA. We had dinner at Hama Sushi The city of Venice is redoing the giant circle where Abottt Kinney meets Main, and Hama has photos of what the circle used to look like in the 1960’s.

Opening Night, Charly and E

Opening night was gorgeous.  The show was sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka, so there was a great Goose Ice Sculpture. Our Framer Allan Jeffries came to the show and we had a chance to catch up in REFORM gallery’s beautiful booth .

The rest of the weekend was exciting.  LA loves posters, so many of our loyal clients came for a spin through our table, and we met new clients as well.  There were celebrities at the show, which is still a thrill for girls from up North.

We made it a point to swim each morning before the show, and we really enjoyed the Southern California sun.

Sunny Southern California by Stan Galli

On Sunday night we tore down the show (always exhausting) and then for a treat, we ate at Top Chef CJ Jacobson’s Gastropub ‘The Yard’.

Allan Jeffries in Reform's Booth

We dashed out of town in time to catch the sunset on the grapevine, and collapsed at a tiny little hotel that we like in the heartland.  Charly and I slept soundly and made it home on Monday by noon.

All in all, LA Modernism 2010 was the most fun we’ve ever had at an out of town show.  I chalk it up to the expert packing lists……



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§ 3 Responses to Santa Monica Travelogue

  • DavidM says:

    Just like armchair travel, except it’s armchair poster show! I need a glass of port to read this properly.

  • Charly Leys says:

    Definitely one of the best VEPCA LA roadtrips yet! I love that we get to see new places and new faces while spreading the love of vintage posters around. Thanks everyone who came and made the show such a success!

  • dave says:

    classy, ladies, very classy indeed. 😉

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