Summer Buying Trip in France

August 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

One of the most common questions people ask us is “How did so many posters survive?” Of course the other question we hear all the time is “Don’t your arms hurt?” (from flipping posters.)  I’ll come back to the second question later. 
 Posters survived because of collectors.  From my experience, there are two types of collectors.  Hoarders, and cataloguers.  We need both.  Here at VEP, we are cataloguers.  We collect, we restore, we document, we research, and we sell these treasures.  I have, over the years bought from a lot of hoarders.  Thank god for them!
 Hoarders are great collectors, and they don’t feel the need to organize.  Amazingly, most of them know exactly what they have and where to find it.  Some are not willing to part with anything, and some won’t show you the extent of their collections.  The key in my job is finding hoarders who will part with their goodies!


I managed to sort through about 5,000 posters on my last trip.  They are stored in a basement in France, with bits of the ceiling slowly disintegrating onto the piles and rolls.  There is little ventilation, and no discernable order to things.  There is no way to get these posters other than good old fashioned digging.  Careful digging, because they are fragile, but digging nonetheless.  I brought home with me 70 plus pieces, and they are now in the competent hands of our linen backer, where they will be washed and mounted just in time for our 12th Annual Preview Show at Fort Mason, which will be held August 19-22.
The only way for you to see these goodies is to 1) come to the show August 20-22 and see them in person or 2) wait until after the show, and what remains, we will load onto the web. 
As for the answer to the other question- No! Our arms don’t hurt.  On the final day of any show, maybe our feet do, but you won’t find us complaining. 

My Day Off in FranceI really needed a swim to wash off that ancient dust!



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§ 2 Responses to Summer Buying Trip in France

  • Valerie says:

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Saw your link in Linked-In and it is fun to see your blog and the memories –this “basement” brings back so many wonderful experiences besides the big dig- the swims in the ocean in the little bay, the clanging of the ship masts at night…not to mention the hosts and their seafood meals and wine. Lovely lovely…

  • I am delighted to learn about your collection and how you find them. I will place a link to my FaceBook and other blogs.
    Happy Valentine’s day !

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