When It Rains it Pours…. 2 New Collections of Vintage Posters

October 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

One of our new acquisitions

Original Hawaii travel poster, before linen backing

More than 600 posters were carried in the door at our showroom this month, and offered to me  for our collection. What’s a paper geek to do? Finding enough good posters to keep our clients happy can be really hard work.  I look for good images that people want to live with on their walls.  I look for things in good condition. I try to buy them at the right price and be fair to the seller.

How about searching by category?  Forget about it! I have no control over what I

Original Italian Travel Poster

Napoli Poster, before linen backing

find.  One month we might sell a lot of French travel posters, so I might think, hmmm, we need more French travel posters.  That will, of course, be the day that I find a stack of American World War I posters.  As a dealer, I have to buy what comes to me if it is  (see above)  a good image in good condition.

This month, I wasn’t planning to spend any money on posters.  I spent so much over the summer, it was time to take a break and just do some shows and sell some things.  And then, the phone rang.  A man whose mother had been an art lover, a world traveller, and a bit of a hoarder had passed away, leaving behind a room packed with paper. I said. go ahead, bring them in, and I cleared off some space on my table.  When he arrived, he

Vintage Original United Airlines Poster Chicago

Rare Chicago Poster printed by United Airlines

brought about 12 sleeves of posters, each one stuffed on both sides with paper.  As with every collection, I could see his mom’s footprint- I could see where she had been and when. She had posters for museum shows in 1962 in Italy, posters from musum shows in Britain in 1968, posters from Art shows in New York from 1971 and 1972. So, she clearly crossed the pond twice in the 60’s and hung out in New York in the early 70s.  She had just about everything else as well. So, he and pulled out sleeve after sleeve of posters, and sifted through them.  Nothing for me, nothing for me, nothing for me.  I started to wonder if we shouldn’t just quit and load the sleeves back into his car, and then A TRAVEL POSTER. One single poster in the first 200, but enough to renew my spirits and make me empty out the next sleeves.

In the next hour, we turned up 29 more travel posters. There are posters for Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Spain, Italy, Israel and Greece.  We rushed them to the linen backer, and will be ready to debut them in time for our next

Original Vintage Poster for Israel

Original Air France poster for Israel

two shows, Hillsborough and Santa Monica Trunk Show. There are 5 posters in the group that we have never handled before.  Yay! I hope you will make it to one of these shows to see these gems before they are snapped up.

See them first at the Hillsborough Antiques Show November 4-6 at the San Mateo Event Center.

Original Vintage Poster, New York

Vintage New York Poster by United Airlines


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  • people want to live with on their walls. Finding enough good posters to keep our clients happy can be really hard work.Excellent post, very informative.you have made some interesting points in this article you really know alot on this topic.
    Thanks for posting it.

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