Peace and Conflict in the Twentieth Century

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As a means of communication, the poster is a megaphone.  It reflects the attitudes and enthusiasms of a period in history at high volume.

A photograph of Le Portatif Gramophone poster

Original "Le Portatif Gramophone" poster by Anonymous, c.1935

No one understands this better than Elizabeth Norris, owner of Vintage European Posters, a Berkeley based dealer of original vintage posters. “You can have a visual experience of every time period of the past century when you spend time with vintage posters,” says Norris, “they deliver history with a palpable punch.”

Vintage European Posters’ showroom features 2012’s first show “Peace and Conflict in the 20th Century.” The show is organized chronologically. It begins with the decadence of the Belle Epoque Period when liquor flowed and posters were gilded with elements of Art Nouveau: flowing tendrils, seaweed, flowers.

A photograph of Old Manada Rum poster

Original "Old Manada Rum" poster by Trourdey, c.1895

A photograph of La Bourboule poster

Original "La Bourboule" poster by Sim, c.1895

A photograph of This Device on Hat or Helmet Means U.S Marines Poster

Original "This Device on Hat or Helmet Means U.S Marines" poster by Charles Buckles Falls, c.1917

It also features posters from both wars and the Art Deco Period.

A photograph of You Knock em Out poster

Original "You Knock em Out" poster by John Falter, 1942

A photograph of Miel Alphandery poster

Original "Miel Alphandery" poster by Illegible, 1932

The show ends with the expansion of commercial aviation and post war prosperity.

A photograph of Air France Amerique du Sud poster

Original "Air France Amerique du Sud" poster by Victor Vasarely, 1959

A photograph of Vins Clapion Poster

Original "Vins Clapion" poster by Omnes, c.1955

Peace and conflict in the 20th century runs through the month of January at Vintage European Posters showroom in Berkeley.  The showroom is open three weekends, January 7-8,  14-15 and 21-22 as well as every Tuesday from 11-5. Vintage European Posters is always available by appointment as well. View the collection at anytime.

Elizabeth and Charly in the VEP Showroom

VEP owner Elizabeth Norris and showroom manager Charly Leys in the VEP Showroom

Vintage European Posters 2201 Fourth Street in Berkeley, corner of Allston Way

Two blocks south of University, across from

Open Saturdays until 6 pm, Sundays and Tuesdays from 11-5


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