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Original Posters From 1880 To 1960

Member, International Vintage Poster Dealers Association


2201 Fourth Street

Berkeley, California 94710



Original Posters have been collected for more than a century. Since their inception in the 1860s, the public has adored these eye-catching graphics and competed to own them. Early poster aficionados pulled posters from outdoor walls, read poster collecting magazines, and attended gallery exhibitions of poster art.

Today, if you develop a taste for original posters, you must search to find the ones you love. Spend time with a knowledgable dealer to gain an understanding of the historical and cultural context of posters. Buy what you love and you will be happy with your collection for years to come.


Original posters were printed for advertising purposes. They were printed in the same time period in which they were designed. Posters were printed on cheap paper and not expected to last.

Because the posters are fragile, we have them linen backed. This is a conservation process. The posters are washed to deacidify the paper and wet mounted onto a fabric backing. This process is recommended by museums and is water reversible.


We have been in the business of buying and selling original vintage posters since 1997.

Today, we operate a showroom in Berkeley, where we offer custom framing, linen backing, and host special events. Our entire inventory of original posters can be viewed at pop-up weekends and by appointment.

You can also see us at select shows in Los Angeles, Healdsburg and the SF Peninsula. Sign our mailing list to receive our newsletter, and invitations to special events in your area.

Our website is updated weekly. Everything on our website is available and ships within 2 business days.

-Elizabeth Norris, Owner

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