Original Vintage Posters for Victorian Homes

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Over the years, we have seen our clients fill their homes with eclectic posters, things that make them happy, things with colors they respond to, things that remind them of places they have visited.  We have also worked with clients who are in search of posters which will reflect the the vintage of their homes.  San Francisco of course, has beautiful Victorian Homes, and we have had the pleasure of placing posters in a handful of these painted ladies, to great effect.

What choices are there for these houses?  Of course you can go gothic.  One of our clients opted for the Hermanos Barraceta and La Damnation of Faust by Dola, both long narrow posters from the turn of the century, which complemented the colors of the home, but also called attention to the exaggerated height of the ceilings.

hermanos barraceta, damnation of faust, vintage european posters, antique poster

Hermanos Barraceta and La Damnation of Faust

Those posters are gone, sold long ago and now impossible to find.  Here are a few things from our current collection that I would suggest for a Victorian Home:

Petrole-Hahn, Ambassaseurs, vintage european poster, antique poster

Jardin de Paris, BecAuer, vintage european poster, antique poster

Several of our vintage posters from the turn of the century

Many of these homes boast 10 or 12 foot walls, but the walls are embellished with beautiful mouldings, plate rails, or chair rails.  These architectural flourishes create small spaces for hanging art, and we have solutions of those as well.  There were a number of Opera posters created between 1870 and 1914, and these are quite small.  They are, as a group, detailed enough to hold the viewers attention, but also colorful enough to stand up to the rich colors which so many Victorian Homes demand.

Cendrillon, Herodiade, La Glu, original vintage poster, antique poster

Original French opera posters from 1880 to 1910

Another great option for a frieze area between plate rail and crown moulding are the Maitre de l’Affiche series.  These miniature posters were printed between 1896 and 1900, and feature the finest designs by poster artists from that period.  Charming images of children and cats by Steinlen (Lait Pur Sterilise) can grace the walls of any  house from this time period, as can the beautiful, red haired art nouveau women created by Eugene Grasset (Lecons de Violin, Encre Marquet) There are 256 miniature posters in this series, they measure 16 x 11, and as a result, they are easy to place in groupings, and of course, fun to collect. We have many of the Maitres in stock and they can be seen on our website.

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