Women in Combat

January 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Original British World War One Poster

Joan of Arc Saved France

It is true that time marches on.  But it advances at a breakneck pace in our modern time.  In just one century our attitudes in the United States about women in the military have changed dramatically as exemplified by last week’s decision to allow women in combat.

Original American World War One Poster

Clear The Way!! By Howard Chandler Christy

In the World War One Poster women are often shown draped in the American flag or in roman garb, with their arms outstretched.  Early in the war, they are making a call to arms, later in the war their images are intended to represent peace or victory.

Original American World War One Poster

Back Our Girls Over There Poster

Women were a part of the war effort in WWI, on the home front they participated in fundraising drives and relief efforts.  On the battlefront they worked as telegraph operators, ambulance drivers and nurses. The idea of women in combat was unheard of.  Ninety-nine years after the declaration of World War One, we have broken down a barrier once considered impermeable.


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