Herve Morvan: Jeunesse au Plein Air

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Looking for a summer poster? We know you’ll love the posters by Herve Morvan, whose bright, cheerful style and humorous graphics exemplify the spirit of summer!
Herve Morvan, a famous poster artist known for his playful style and use of color in his humorous lithographs, created original advertising posters that continue to amuse us today. Morvan was born in 1917 and lived until 1980; he enjoyed a prolific career and one that left a lasting impression on society.
Morvan was a friend of Raymond Savignac, who also had a playful style that hints at Morvan’s own. The two French artists knew each other and were influenced by the other’s style, though they competed in their field.

Herve Morvan, Bendix Vainqueur de l'Epreuve, 1968

Herve Morvan, Bendix Vainqueur de l’Epreuve, 1968

Morvan’s posters have quite a range of subjects, because he designed for everything for cigarette adverisements to household items, to travel posters.

Herve Morvan, Geveor

Herve Morvan,

Some of the most playful posters that VEP has of his are the Jeunesse au Plein Air posters. When translated to English, that means “youth outdoors” posters, and indeed, these delightful posters emanate youthfulness and creativity. These playful lithographs bear the words “au profit des colonies vacances,” or “in favor of camps” under the image. They promote children going to summer camps.

Herve Morvan, Jeunesse au Plein Air (sand hat), 1951

Herve Morvan, Jeunesse au Plein Air (sand hat), 1951

One of the posters depicts a smiling young girl with red hair in pigtails sporting a hat made out of a sandcastle. The viewer can just immediately imagine other children playing at beaches during a summer camp; the image of the sand castle hat immediately conjures up thoughts of summer, freedom, and fun for children. Morvan’s poster obviously accomplishes its task of promoting camps for children during the summer.

Herve Morvan, Jeunesse au Plein Air (Duck), 1951

Herve Morvan, Jeunesse au Plein Air (Duck), 1951

The second poster shows two young children catching a carefree ride with a duck. The duck has a camera hanging around its neck, as if it is ready to snap some Kodak moments at any second. The children smile happily, and the young girl holds a bouquet of flowers. The cheery green background evokes feelings of the great outdoors and the endless opportunities of summertime.

Herve Morvan, Jeunesse au Plein Air (Flower scooter)

Herve Morvan,
Jeunesse au Plein Air (Flower scooter)

Morvan’s posters still express the fun and carefree days of summer many years later. Stop by VEP soon to see some of Morvan’s original posters such as these!


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This post was written by Karlie Drutz, Vintage European Posters special projects coordinator, and edited by Elizabeth Norris, owner of Vintage European Posters.

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