Otto Nielsen’s Fabulous SAS Posters

August 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Original aviation poster

Original SAS Scandinavia poster by Otto Nielsen printed in 1960

It’s summer, which makes many of us dream of travel. In the 1960’s Otto Nielsen promoted the romance and excitement of faraway lands with his series of posters for the Danish airline SAS. Nielsen was a watercolor painter who when tasked with this graphic challenge, came up with the clever idea of depicting animals traveling two by two to exotic destinations.

Original airline poster for SAS printed circa 1965

Original poster for South America SAS printed circa 1960

In the early SAS posters, you sometimes see the cool oval globe in dense color. The type style is tight, and in some ways suggests the early Pan Am lettering. The type style changes dramatically in a very short period of time. In the mid 60’s, Nielsen employs a looser brush stroke lettering and embraces daring color. The evolution of Otto Nielsen’s style is apparent when looking at a group of his posters side by side. We are pleased to be able to do just that here at VEP as we have just acquired six more SAS posters, bringing our total collection up to 13.

Original South America SAS by Otto Nielsen circa 1965

Original South America poster by Otto Nielsen for SAS printed circa 1965

Our new acquisitions are not yet available on our website. To see them, and all of our new acquisitions, visit us at the 15th Annual Preview Show, August 16th-18th at Grace Street Catering- 4629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland.

Friday 12-8 (Happy Hour 5-8)

Saturday 11-6

Sunday 12-5

Watch for a new blog post  next week for more SAS posters.


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