A Centennial Commemoration of WWI

July 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

As poster collectors, we’ve been waiting for the centennial of WWI for many years. The anniversary is an obvious platform to showcase vintage posters- which are amazing artifacts- and can help us to narrate the “Great War.”

Starting today, watch for our chronological posts marking the 100th anniversary of momentous dates, and featuring  original vintage posters from the first World War from our current collection.

July 28th: One hundred years ago, Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war against Serbia caused Russia to mobilize, escalating the tensions and alliances of World War I.


Jules Abel Faivre, Original L'Emprunt de la Liberation, Printed 1918.

Jules Abel Faivre, Original L’Emprunt de la Liberation, Printed 1918.

In this poster by Jules Faivre, the Kaiser is shown with sword broken and his head down in defeat. Faivre uses flags to personify the allies and you see them driving away the dark clouds of war, and filling the page with color.  The artist exaggerates the flags strength by having them exceed the margin of the poster with the tip of their flag posts, this strong charge forward is in contrast with the broken sword point backwards.

Our collection of World War One posters is up to date and visible on our website.

Please don’t miss  “Your Country Calls! Posters of the First World War” exhibition at the Huntington in Pasadena on August 2nd. We were pleased to work on the conception of this show, and as consultants on object selection.  In total the show features 40 posters from the Huntington’s sizeable collection of original military posters.


This post was written by Nicole Garson, Intern, UCB class of 2016 and Elizabeth Norris, Proprietor of Vintage European Posters

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