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Original Posters From 1880 To 1960, Member, International Vintage Poster Dealers Association
Showroom located at 2201 Fourth Street in Berkeley, corner of Allston Way
Open Tuesdays 11-5
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Welcome to the pleasure of Vintage Posters. Original Posters have been collected for more than 100 years. Since their inception in the 1860s, the public has adored these gorgeous graphic works and competed to own them. Back then it was easy—early poster aficionados pulled posters from the outdoor walls, they read poster collecting magazines to keep abreast of news of the great artists, and there were gallery exhibitions and prizes for the best poster designs.

Today, if you develop a taste for original posters, you must search to find the ones you love. We recommend that you look at as many posters as you can, and spend time with a knowledgeable dealer to gain an understanding of the historical and cultural context of posters, the market value, and the importance of archival framing and conservation. Most importantly—have fun. Buy posters that make you smile. Don’t worry about investment value, all original posters hold their value. Buy what you love and you will be happy with your collection for years to come.


Original posters were printed for advertising purposes. They were printed in the same time period in which they were designed. They cover every topic imaginable from theatre and opera to travel, transportation, military, liquor, food, fashion, exhibitions, and products.

Posters were printed on cheap paper, they were not expected to last for more than a few weeks. When we find them, they are fragile, brittle and difficult to handle. All of our posters are then linen backed. This is a conservation process in which posters are washed to deacidify the paper, and then mounted using acid free paste onto a heavy backing to protect them. Museums recommend this treatment for vintage posters and it is 100% archival and water reversible; subsequently a poster mounted on linen is considered to be in better condition than a poster on paper.

Most posters were printed with stone lithography. This is a painstaking process in which an image is etched into limestone with a grease crayon and acid. The design, etching and printing was done entirely by hand for the first 50 years of the poster. Artisans used huge slabs of limestone, and once the printing of a given poster was finished, the stone was scraped down and used to make a different poster. Unintentionally, the printers created something limited, which is why posters are valuable.


Our collection is broad. We believe that there are good posters from every time period and country—the Belle Epoque, the Art Deco Period, military posters from both of the World Wars, the Post War Era, as well as the modern and contemporary periods. Everything we sell is ORIGINAL.

I began collecting original posters in 1997. Today, I travel to Europe in search of posters, and display the collection in California and the Pacific Northwest. Vintage European Posters does not sell reproductions and we guarantee the authenticity of everything we sell. Please enjoy our collection and ask questions. We are proud to offer a substantial group of some of the finest graphic art from the last 120 years. Please take your time and get to know these wonderful art treasures.

Also, you can friend us on Facebook – Vep Ca.

-Elizabeth Norris, Owner

Established 1997

First Poster Sold: Cognac Jacquet

Printed in Paris, circa 1905

First Poster Bought: When Hearts are Trumps by William H. Bradley

First Show Sold Posters at:  Bustamante at the Concourse Exhibition Center

Favorite Poster Moment:  When a husband and wife agree about a poster

Worst Poster Moment: When poster tubes are damaged in shipping

Favorite City to do shows in: Santa Monica

Printed in the US, circa 1960

Hardest City to do Shows in: Seattle

Best Load in for shows: Hillsborough

Worst Load in for Shows: The Art Deco Show

Friendliest Show: Sacramento Crocker Art Museum Benefit

Best Sushi on the Road: Kru in Sacramento

Best Perk ever: Private Tour of the Gamble House in Pasadena

§ 10 Responses to About Vintage European Posters

  • dragos says:

    what an absolutely delicious find! as a fan of vintage posters i can say hand on heart that it was a very nice surprise to come across your blog. keep digging up these old treasures and posting them, i’ll keep following you to see the results

    • Why thank you! Do you collect any specific type of poster in particular or are you a fan of the genre?

      I have just found incredible Spanish posters from 1936-1945. We will post info on the blog about them.



  • Debra Logan says:

    I’m interested is purchasing the California Wine Land poster showing the grape growing regions c. 1965.

  • David says:


    How would I go about finding out who owns the rights to a variety posters? I am interested in licensing the images for reprint.

    Thank you,

  • Frenchy Lunning says:

    HI Elizabeth, I would like to use one of the Cheret posters as a figure in a book I wrote being published, can you email me and tell me who owns it?


  • Dan Mcloughlin says:

    A question: I have an original cheret poster called “la gomme” in mint condition. It’s a horizontal design, which I know was rare for cheret. I paid $3500 for it ten years ago. Any idea of today’s value? I also have many others, as well as many maitre d’affiches that I’ve collected over the years. Villemot, delval, hardy, gorse, meunière, etc.

  • Audrey says:

    Hi there,
    Great collection! Would it be possible for me to use on of these images as 1 of many stickers I’ll be selling in a booklet?

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