Team VEPCA Updates for 2016

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Doug, Special Guest, E, Sarah and Charly at Gallery Barn Diva Dinner, Healdsburg August 2016

Working with vintage posters is a real treat.

There is exposure to history, to travel, to library sciences and language, and to an amazing group of clients and friends. Interns have cooked dinner for David Lance Goines, had drinks at the Standard DTLA, re-catalogued entire categories of our collection, decoded Instagram and Pinterest and driven up and down the 5 countless times. Most interns have stayed 12-18 months, and senior staff have stayed from 3-7 years.

We all stay in touch and some come back to help with projects on occasion.


E and Charly, Healdsburg Town Square. Early show set up at 7 am = Sunglasses all day

Welcome Sarah Tanenbaum Adams
Sarah grew up in Oakland and attended NYU where she studied Studio Art and Psychology.  After that, she studied jewelry making at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Art in San Francisco and went on to work with fine custom jewelers as well as making and selling her own designs.

Sarah also worked at A Great Good Place for Books in Montclair as their bookkeeper and card buyer so she has a keen grasp of everything retail. Sarah’s mother, artist Carol Tanenbaum has a ’framing habit’ (to quote Sarah), and so Sarah has a finely trained eye for custom frame design.

Favorite Poster: “Planten un Blomen” by Kargerg


Christopher Gonzalez, who joined VEPCA as operations director upon his graduation from UC Berkeley in 2013, was recruited away to the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive in January of this year. He now supervises 56 staff members. BAM/PFA is doing a great job with organizing operations for numerous programs and events in celebration of the museum’s inaugural year at a new facility.

Chris studied accounting while at VEP and his numbers always added up. He packed for shows, negotiated with teamsters to get prime loading dock positions at convention centers and logged thousands of miles in the Econoline van for VEPCA, traveling to Portland, Seattle, Palm Springs and everywhere in between. Chris also enjoyed helping people choose their first poster. Making art accessible to everyone was a CG specialty and we miss him!

The 2 things that Chris misses most about VEPCA are sharing stories and engaging with poster collectors at shows and cataloging and researching recently acquired posters.

Favorite Posters: everything by Alexander Calder and Liqueur St. Barbe


Kate Klingbeil, master printmaker and multimedia artist, will move to New York on October 1st and is headedstraight to the


E and Kate, Colophon Club November 2015

moon. Kate gave a series of talks with VEPCA about the process of stone lithography, she hung our rotating poster shows at Convert on 4th Street and did all of VEPCA’S photography and photo editing.

After she discovered that toxic litho inks were making her sick, Kate moved on to embrace digital animation, ceramics, acrylics and more. See her work on line, on Instagram, and at the Athen B gallery in downtown Oakland. Bon Voyage Kate, we will miss you.

Favorite Posters: Wissembourgs but especially the FROG.


Candie Sanderson came into VEP like a hurricane in 2011 demanding a job lest she lose


Candie and John’s Wedding July 2016

her visa and be sent back to Bordeaux.  Candie wrote our blog ‘These are the People in Our Neighborhood’ introducing VEPCA’s neighbors Peter Koch printer AKA the Surrealist Cowboy, and June Taylor of June Taylor Jams.

Candie, raised in Bordeaux and educated at the Sorbonne and UC Berkeley was a formidable writer. She translated the entire L’Estampe Moderne a series of prints and poems from 1897-1899 edited by legendary print house Imprimerie Champenois while working at VEP. Candie attended the masters program for creative writing in Montana, and upon graduation moved to Boston to teach French in Cambridge.

This summer, Candie was married to her grad-school sweetheart John Bennett in her home town of Bergerac in Bordeaux.  Candie’s phrase  “Let’s do this”, uttered before every show load-in, framed delivery or physical challenge will forever be a VEPCA favorite.

Favorite Poster: “Le Rouge Baisier” by Rene Gruau


Emily Jackson, social media guru and UC Berkeley History graduate, taught us Pinterest, and could Facebook with one hand


Charly, Emily and E at Em’s graduation from CAL

and tweet with the other. After a few interesting jobs as operations director at Steve and Kates’ Camp, and cooking teacher, Emily is now settled in as a grant writer for International Rescue Committee.

As a US sanctioned resettlement agency, The International Rescue Committee provides essential services to help refugees resume independent, stable, and productive lives after years of trauma and upheaval.

In 2015 Emily traveled around Central Europe, fell in love with Berlin, and is now looking forward to saving up for her next traveling adventure: a road trip around the US with her sister!

Favorite Poster: “Knowledge Wins” by Dan Smith


Karlie Drutzcataloguing queen and master social networker Karlie has gone on from being an ultimate Frisbee champion to


Karlie, E and Candie at the Standard Garden Bar, DTLA 2103

being a competitive runner and triathlete! While at VEPCA, Karlie brought her razor sharp organizational skills to VEPCA while studying history at CAL. She recatalogued our entire military collection, co-wrote our proposal for the Huntington Museum which turned into “Your Country Calls: Posters of the First World War” the show we guest curated at the Huntington Museum and library in 2014.

Today, she is the Charity Community Manager at everydayhero/Blackbaud creating content and webinars to help nonprofits use the crowd-fundraising platform.  (photo, favorite poster)

Favorite Poster: El Atomo Para La Paz


Charly Leys worked full time with VEP from 2007-2013, weathering the entire, horrible recession in our small business. She assisted with moving the VEPCA operations from MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland into our swanky new digs in Berkeley. Meanwhile, traveling to Wyoming and Montana regularly and training her black belt in Aikido.

While working with the posters, Charly developed a strong interest in the design and construction of frames. She used her incredible mechanical skills and Aikido focus (Jedi powers) to apprentice as a framer in Hawaii with Glenn Young, master framer and owner of Artscapes.

Upon return to the mainland, Charly has partnered with Artscapes to open Artscapes Leys framing in the North Bay, with a design room open by appointment in Santa Rosa. She does the construction in her nearby, reclaimed “barnshop.” You can contact Charly at

Charly likes orange shoes, surfing, goats, and her dog Kajal who has a frequent flyer number on Hawaiian Air.

Favorite Poster: Cabricabri

Franck Solerborn in Cannes, in the south of France, was the director of Maui’s Vintage European Posters


Franck and his favorite poster, Levi’s by Ida Van Bladel

Gallery in Lahaina for a decade, while also farming on Maui and making candy in his spare time. After the birth of his third child, Franck decided that it was time to return to the mainland so his kids could see a pumpkin patch, snow, road trips, good schools and the real world.

Franck is now settled in Sacramento, CA where he works as a broker for Owen-Dunn Insurance Services and specializes in Group Captive Insurance. Please contact Franck-“I love my job”-Soler at or 916-677-7382.

Franck continues to guest at shows with VEPCA when we need to speak French in the booth. If you meet him, watch out, he will make you feel one foot taller, 10 years younger and you will leave with posters you don’t remember buying.



Established 1997, Vintage European Posters is a Berkeley Based dealer of
Original Advertising Posters.
We offer linen backing, custom framing and a collection of over 2,500 original posters from Europe and the The United States.
Visit Our Showroom at 2201 Fourth Street in Berkeley
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11-5
as well as select weekends and by appointment.

To reach us, please call 510 843 2201 or email vintage

Framed Poster Catalogue- Our first Sale EVER!

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Here is a list and photos of the original advertising posters which we currently have available framed. For the ‘dog days of summer’ and Labor Day Weekend, all of our framed posters are on sale, discounted by 20 percent. Help us clean out the shop and make room for all of the rare new posters we are adding to the collection this month! All frames are sold as is.

Nitrolian Leonetto Cappiello Original poster products

“Nitrolian” 1928,  65.50 x 50   (inches) $7,600

Toni Kola Original poster aperitif Robys

“Toni-Kola” 1935, 85 x 58 (inches) $6,800

“Cognac Monnet” 1927, 88 x 55.50 (inches) $8,800

Toni-Kola by Robys
This poster is a master work of color and design. Robys, who’s real name was Robert Wolff, designed it in 1935, the height of the Art Deco period.  Two rare birds call attention to the brand, and at 78″ x 55″ inches, the viewer on the street would have been stopped in their tracks by this advertisement. RARE! Framed by the Studio Shop in Burlingame.

Nitrolian by Cappiello
Another gem by Italian Art Deco artist Leonetto Cappiello, this image perfectly illustrates the fast drying quality of  Nitrolian paint! Said to be self portrait, depicting Leonetto painting the stairs of his atelier as his wife, Alice walks down them. Framed 20 years ago by Galleria Escolta, this frame should be replaced. Our framed poster sale amounts to an opportunity to buy this rare and valuable poster at a great price!

Cognac Monnet by Cappiello
One of Italian Poster Designer Leonetto Cappiello’s memorable designs, Cognac Monnet was created in 1927 and shows you cognac’s ability to warm with the clever phrase “The Sun in a Glass” under the elegant flapper. This example of the poster is in pristine condition and was framed by our framer in 2011.

Vinos y Conac Original Poster Spanish Art Deco

“Vinos y Conac”   c.1930   $6,800

Favor Shadow 1927 original stone lithograph bicycle motorcycle

“Favor (Shadow)” 1927, 66 x 49 (inches) $4,400

Musique Instruments Rennes Lotti Art Deco Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Poster

“Musique Intruments Rennes” 1925, 69 x 50 (inches) $4,800

Vinos y Coñac attributed to Badia de Vilata
Spanish Art Deco at it’s best. Bacchus and Pan are always men- why do men get to have all of the grape-ey fun? Here is a rare ‘girl’ or woman Bacchus figure, gracefully squeezing grapes from a vine which is woven into her headdress. This poster is framed with a ‘tinta negra’ or ‘built black’ frame with an gold and orange fillet, and set back from the plexiglas with  spacer, in a treatment which highlights the drama of the image. Framed by Artscapes.

Favor Cycles by Jean Pruner
Every poster collector has seen the small 1935 Favor poster with blue figures in a circle, surrounded by red and white stripes. (image)It’s a classic from 1935. This poster is the source material for that image! It’s a French 1 sheet poster, created in 1927 by Jean Pruniere. It is extremely rare. We find turn of the century bicycle posters with greater frequency than we do Art Deco ones! The piece was framed by The Studio Shop, and the frame was designed by an interior designer and placed it in the Sunset Magazine Idea House in Healdsburg in 2012.

Musique Instruments Rennes by Lotti
This poster advertises the proud brand of Bossard -Bonnel in Rennes, France and was created in the deco period. Occasionally, you can find this piece with a banner on the bottom announcing that the store was founded in 1820 and that they are celebrating their centennial. Ours does not include the banner. Framed with a cherry wood moulding with a rounded profile which suggests the rounded arc of a grand piano.

Geisweiler Martin Art Deco Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Poster Beverage Posters

“Geisweiler” 1921,   66.75 x 51   $2,450

“Le Nil” 1912, 54 x 70  $3,650

Lolita Roger Soubie Original Stone Lithograph Entertainment and Media

“Lolita” 1962, 66 x 51.50 $2,800

Geisweiler by Marton
This stunning Art Deco design is really effective from afar. The bottle and glass appear to be floating in space, while the silvery ink which borders the poster set off the edges and contain the image. The technique of printing the stippled silver grey was tricky and Marton uses this skill in other posters as well. This example is framed with a wide, classic silver frame and was framed by the Studio Shop in 2009.

Le Nil by Cappiello
Part of Cappiello’s stable of techniques was the use of single figure, popping boldly out of black backgrounds. Le Nil, which was created in 1912 shows the artist’s versatility. The white elephant is draped in an elegant caftan, and trumpeting the slogan “I only smoke with Le Nil.”

Lolita by Roger Soubie
We rarely buy or sell movie posters, but this one is too good to pass up. Like the book, this 1962 film was controversial. The cast includes Shelly Winters, Peter Sellers and James Mason. Roger Soubie was an important illustrator of travel posters in the 1920s and 1930s, and created some very famous posters for Chamonix Mt. Blanc. This example is framed with a flat-profile wide silver moulding. The profile of the frame echoes the lettering on the poster, and the mottled silver tone of the frame picks up on the texture of the stone lithography. Bonus! This poster used to hang in the bar of the famous Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco.

Squelette Des Oiseaux Original Stone Lithograph French

“Squelette Des Oiseaux” c. 1905,    64 x 44.50 (inches)   $2,100

Fine Armagnac Original Stone Lithograph Art Deco Oge French Advertising French Armagnac

“Fine Armagnac” 1902, 58 x 43 (inches) $2,100

Noveltex Chemises Rene Gruau Mid Century Original Poster French Fashion Menswear

“Noveltex” c. 1960 66 x 49.50 (inches) $3,200

Squelette des Oiseaux
This piece is from a series of teaching posters which were created around the turn of the century, and were printed by Champenois, the atelier which printed the fine posters of Alphonse Mucha. Educational charts became common in the 1800’s  because the industrial revolution had created a new middle class, more children went to school and classroom size increased. These charts needed to be large in scale and bold in color so they could be seen from any seat in the classroom. Framed by North Berkeley Framing.

Fine Armagnac by Eugene Oge Eugene
Oge was a beloved Belle Epoque posterist who worked for atelier Charles Verneau for many years. Oge’s figures are caricature like- their facial expressions and gestures exaggerated- which means they translate emotion beautifully, an effective method in poster art. In this poster, two safe crackers are surprised when they open a safe and find Armagnac. The translation is “Nuts, there is no dough, but there is Armagnac, a true treasure”. This piece was framed by North Berkeley Framing and displayed in a law firm in San Francisco for many years.

Noveltex by Rene Gruau
This poster using a striking color palette and poised gentleman to advertise a luxury linen. Rene Gruau is one of the preeminent fashion illustrators of the 20th century, with a catalogue of work for Dior, Bemberg, The Lido and (other) As a child Gruau attended fashion shows at his mother’s  knee, where he developed a keen eye for fashion and a love of women. Framed with a narrow black frame, set back with a spacer, very sharp frame for a very sharp poster!

Lido Bravissimo Rene Gruau Original French Poster Original Offset Lithograph

“Lido Bravissimo” 1983,   68 x 54.50 (inches)   $1,500

Freia Er Min Chokolade Original Swiss Poster Chocolate Posters Vintage Posters Archival Framing

“Freia” c.1925, 63.25  x 47 (inches)  $1,200

Pelican Cigarettes Original Stone Lithograph French Art Deco Original Posters

“Pelican” c. 1930, 36.50 x 24.50 (inches)   $1,750

Lido Bravissimo by Gruau
The Lido is a glamourous night club and cabaret on Paris’ famed Champs Elysees. Renovated in 1946, the club has been a destination for luxury entertainment ever since. This poster by Rene Gruau features dazzling showgirls and is framed with a pewter moulding and black silk liner. Framed by Artscapes Framing.

Freia Chocolate by A. Cometti This Norweigan chocolate maker startles the viewer with a bold image of a stork who has just delivered a baby, being rewarded with a chocolate bar. The Freia brand still exists and is now owned by Kraft food. The Art Deco poster was printed by prestigious print house Camis in Paris in the 1920s and is framed in a wide, square warm toned wooden moulding. Framed by Voila Gallery in Los Angeles.

Pelican Cigarettes by Charles Yray
A proud pelican casts a reverse shadow on the bright green wall behind him in this happy Art Deco Poster. The pelican wears a big smile, and eyelashes! The poster is embellished with silver ink in the outlines and was printed in France, circa 1925. Framed in a black frame with a dot pattern.

La Bouillie Soleil Original stone lithograph French poster Art Deco

“La Bouille Soleil” c.1930,    32.50 x 24 (inches)    $880

Carducci and Herman Original Poster David Lance Goines Vintage Poster

“Carducci & Herman” 1981, 27 x 17.75 (inches) $950

Domaine Chandon David Lance Goines Original Poster Vintage Posters Wine Posters

“Domaine Chandon” 1996, 27  x  17.50 $780

La Bouille Soleil
Winemakers, you will hold the trump card when you use our product! This poster advertises a ‘boullie’ or mixture which would fertilize grapes and protect them from mildew and black rot. The French grape crop had been nearly wiped out by phylloxera in the 19th century, and there was subsequently great demand for products like this. Framed with a simple orange moulding by our framer.

Carducci and Herman by David Lance Goines
A pleasing and natural design by master printmaker David Lance Goines which was created in 1981. The narrow shape of the poster emphasizes the length of the shovel. Poster is beautifully framed with a small inset of green mat covered with a wide grey mat and a frame which suggests the bark of a tree. Framed by The Studio Shop.

Domaine Chandon by David Lance Goines
A seductive nymph crowned with grape leaves hugs an abundant bunch of grapes to her chest and smiles. The model for this poster is a young Sophie Goines. Framed with a beautiful wooden ‘tinta negra’ frame with decorative pin markings by the Studio Shop.

40 Tentoonstelling Original Stone Lithograph Vintage Posters

“40 Tentoonstelling” 1917,   34 x 28.50 (inches)    $3,400

Credit National Original Posters Military WWI French Poster Stone Lithograph

“Credit National (Marion)” 1920, 50 x 37 (inches) $1,850

Prestito Nazionale Original Stone Lithograph Italian Posters Military WWI

“Prestito Nazionale” c. 1918, 43.50 x 31.75 $1,850

Tentoostelling by Richard R. Roland Holst
In the style of the Vienna Secession, Holst, who was printmaker and ceramacist advertises an exhibition of prints. The image is of a tree with seeds, and the typestyle is distinctive. This piece is in an exquisite closed-corner frame which has an antiqued gold finish and is ornamented with floral rosettes in the corners.

Credit Nationale by Rene Lelong
After World War I, France set out to rebuild. The country, it’s population and it’s culture, all of which had been dealt a heavy blow as most of the battles were fought on French soil. This poster advertises a Reconstruction Bond, and features Marianne, France’s allegorical symbol in strong swords to ploughshares pose.

Prestito Nationale by Mario Borgoni
Mario Borgoni was a gifted Italian illusrtrator and draftsman. He worked in the Italian “Liberty” style, also known as Italian Art Nouveau. Later in career, he became the director of the prestigious print house Richter & C in Naples. In this image, the soldier is shown in retreat, brandishing his sword as he holds up the tattered Italian flag.  This image was used in the Huntington Museum Show about World War I titled “Your Country Calls.” Framed in a triple frame, antiqued gold on the outside, flat walnut and a beaded fillet.

Do It Right Make It Bite Original Military WWII Original Offset Lithograph

“Do It Right Make It Bite” 1942, 44.75 x 32.75 $1,600

Do It Right Make it Bite
Cecil Beale created this inspiring poster to hang in factories and tell workers to concentrate on efficiency. The plane is meant to inspire a note of urgency- telling the worker that they are on the front line of this important war. Framed by our LA framer Allan Jeffries Framing with a 2 inch maple moulding and a black fillet.

California Wine Land Poster Original Offset Lithograph Amado Gonzalez Original Wine Poster

“California Wine Land- Sauterne” c. 1965   33 x 25.50 (inches)   $780

California Wine Land Poster Original Offset Lithograph Amado Gonzalez Original Wine Poster

“California Wine Land -CA Map” c. 1965, 45 x 33 (inches) $1,400

California Wine Land Poster Original Offset Lithograph Amado Gonzalez Original Wine Poster

“California Wine Land-Sherry” c.1965 33 x 25.50 (inches) $780

Wine Land of 
California Map, Sherry and Sauterne by Amado Gonzalez
Amado Gonzalez  studied with Diego Rivera in Mexico and immigrated to San Francisco where he worked as an illustrator  and professor of art at San Francisco City College. In the 1960s he was hired by the Wine Advisory Board to illustrate a cookbook “Cooking with California Wine Makers and create a series of posters promoting California as the “Wine Land of America. The map shows which regions of Calfornia were associated with grape growing at the time. What is missing from the map is the interstate or Highway 5, which was started in 1966.

Alcyon Cycles Original Stone lithograph Bicycle Poster Vintage Poster

“Alcyon” c. 1930, 29 x 20.75 (inches) $1,500

Cognac Jacquet Original Stone Lithograph Spirits Poster French Advertising Poster

“Cognac Jacquet” c. 1905, 50.75 x 67.50 (inches) $2,800

Eden au Lac Zurich Original Swiss Poster Travel Poster

“Eden au Lac Zurich” c.1930, 12.50 x 9.50 (inches) $350

Alexander Original Magician Poster Stone Lithograph

“Alexander” c. 1910, 43.50 x 19.75 $1,450

Grace Line Original Luggage Label

“Grace Line” 13 x 10.50 $480

Original Stone lithograph French Posters

“Paris Grande Saison” 1939, 46 x 31. 50 (inches) $1,250

Bally Blonde Bernard Villemot Original Color Lithograph

“Bally (Blonde)” 1982, 31 x 22 (inches) $950

“I Don’t Care…” 1989, 58.50 x 50.75 (inches) $1,800

Bally Ballerina Pierre Fix-Masseau Original color lithograph Original bally poster

“Bally (Ballerina)” c. 1975 28 x 20.50 (inches) $980

La Loie Fuller Original Cheret poster Original Stone lithograph Original maitre de l'affiche

“La Loie Fuller Maitre Pl. 73” 23.50 x 19.50 (inches) $1,950

Le Pacific Original Stone Lithograph French advertising posters

“Le Pacific” c. 1900 68 x 52 (inches) $3,800

Lex Window card Original Window Card Original Beverage Poster

“Lex” c. 1950 17.25 x 13 (inches) $700

Dehaynin Charbons Cappiello Label Original Stone lithograph

“Dehaynin” 15.75 x 11.50 (inches) $800

Liberte Original travel poster

“Liberte” c. 1955 12 x 8.50 (inches) $460

Cercle Artistique Original maitre Pl. 212

“Cercle Artistique Maitre Pl 212” 1899 20.75 x 17.75 $1,650

Olida Label Original food label Stone lithograph

“Olida Label” 11.50 x 11 (inches) $750

“Parfumerie” c.1895 27.25 x 23 (inches) $3,250

Theodora Maitre Pl. 214 Original Stone lithograph French theater poster

“Theodora Maitre Pl. 214” 1900 20.50 x 16.50 (inches) $1,375

“Pierrot” 13 x 10.50 (inches) $750

“Un Raisa” c.1950 18.75 x 13.50 (inches) $700

“Le Rouge Baiser-Blindfold” c.1949 27 x 22.50 (inches) $1,200

A Trip to China Town Maitre Pl 184

“A Trip to China Town Maitre Pl. 184” 1899 18.50 x 16.50 (inches) $1,200

“United States Lines” 10.50 x 9.75 $480

“US Navy” 13 x 9.75 $420

Original Stone Lithograph Horizontal Poster Magician poster

“Great Chang & Fak Hongs Noe Arc” c. 1920 31 x 44.25 (inches) $1,600

“Nuova Zolforatrice” c. 1900 47 x 36 (inches) $2,100

“Championnat Du Monde 500” 1963 39.50 x 29.50 (inches) $1,350

Vintage European Posters, Established 1997 is a Berkeley Based dealer in Original Advertising Posters. We offer linen backing, custom framing and a collection of over 2,500 original posters from Europe and the The United States.
Visit Our Showroom at 2201 Fourth Street in Berkeley, open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11-5
as well as select weekends and by appointment.
Open weekends include August 22-23, 2015 and Labor Day September 5, 6 and 7.
To Reach us, please call 510 843 2201 or email vintage

Vintage Posters Island Style

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Maui Sunrise over Lanai

Maui Sunrise over Lanai

If you are a vintage poster enthusiast, you probably look for galleries whenever you travel. You are liable to find poster dealers in major cities- New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris.  It is more of a surprise to find an enormous collection on a tiny Pacific Island.  Alan Dickar started dealing in antique posters in New York in the early 1990s.  He moved to California, where he established himself at shows.  I met him in 1997, and we soon began to work together.  We loved doing the now defunct PMA collectibles show, where we met actresses from Planet of the Apes, Michael Jackson and got a nice smile and a wave from Neil Young.  Ever restless, Alan travelled to Maui Hawaii in the year 2001 and set up a temporary installation.  His plan was to find a way to do shows there, and to return to the Bay Area after a few months.

Success changed that plan.  Soon, I was busy culling the California collection and shipping enormous tubes of posters to him every month.  Eventually, when it became clear that the island had  it’s hold on Alan, we split up the businesses. I bought the California business and Alan went on to sign a lease in Maui.  Today he still operates Vintage European Posters at 744 Front Street in Lahaina.  We have remained great friends, and have independently continued to cultivate separate contacts in France.  This is a tremendous asset to us because it means we turn up different posters and can share our finds.

The VEP Maui Storeroom

The VEP Maui Storeroom

Alan, at the VEP Showroom, in his element

Alan, at the VEP Showroom, in his element

Last month I paid a visit to the Maui shop.  The staff in the shop are friendly and helpful, and they have made some great improvements since my last trip.  In addition to the gallery, VEP Maui now has a well organized storeroom and workshop, where I was able to comb through extra goodies.  Also, there is a very professional linen backing studio on the other side of the island with an innovation I’ve not seen before- a lighted table.  This is useful in looking at paper before backing to see hairline cracks and areas where paper may be thin.  It helps avoid problems when the posters are wet to see the fragile areas ahead of time.  Brilliant! While I was there,  I saw a Parapluie Revel which had been de-zinced (Some posters were mounted onto zinc so they could be displayed outdoors for an extended period of time without disintegrating.) and was about to be mounted and restored.

Parapluie Revel, de-zinced

Parapluie Revel, de-zinced

Lighted linen backing table

Lighted linen backing table

I also got to visit with our Framer, Glenn Young of Artscapes framing who lives upcountry in  Maui and commutes to the Bay Area to run the Campbell shop.  He took us on a beautiful hike to Twin Falls where we swam under the waterfall.

Artscapes' Glenn Young on a hike to Twin Falls

Artscapes' Glenn Young on a hike to Twin Falls

Family Photo, Twin Falls

Family Photo, Twin Falls

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